Promo track list

3: Be My Lover - feat. Jwl B (Yo Majesty) - Right click and save here 
A collaboration with Jwl B of bad ass Florida rappers Yo Majesty. The video was filmed in Tokyo and features both sumo wrestlers, club kids and some of Japanʼs famous drag queens doing the new dance ”The Mums Mums Dance”, named after House of Wallenbergʼs club night in Stockholm

4: Be Somebody - feat. Octavia St Laurent (Paris is burning) - Right click and save here 
The late Octavia St Laurent was a star of Paris is burning. The video for "Be Somebody", directed by Petter Wallenberg himself, was filmed New York with the city's famous vogue houses, spearheaded by House of Ninja.

5: Sunshine Taboo - feat. Ari Up (The Slits) - Right click and save here 
This track deals with the situation for gay people in Jamaica. Ari Up sadly passed away after completing her work with House of Wallenberg. "Sunshine Taboo" was released internationally on German disco label Permanent Vacation in 2012.

8: Girls Like Us - feat. Efti, Victoria Wilson James & Jwl B - Right click and save here 
Efti from early nineties girl group Midi, Maxi & Efti makes her comeback together with Victoria Wilson James and Jwl B on this girl power-anthem which in January hit #28 on the Finland Dance Charts

11: Legendary Part II - feat. Leila K - Right click and save here 
The club remix


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