New single and video!

Released today: Rainbow Riots' new single and video ‘Set Me Free’!

The song is composed and produced by Rainbow Riots' founder, Swedish artist and activist Petter Wallenberg, and features Ugandan artists Kowa Tigs & D Black. The track was originally released as part of the acclaimed Rainbow Riots album last summer, and the video was directed by Wallenberg and filmed with the Ugandan LGBTQ community the day after the Ugandan police stopped Pride Uganda and threatened to arrest everyone. 

Rainbow Riots is an international organisation and artist collective working for LGBTQ equality and rights. Last year the organisation released an album of music, written and produced by Petter Wallenberg, featuring LGBTQ artists from Uganda, Malawi and Jamaica - some of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBTQ people. 

Petter Wallenberg said: “In Uganda it's illegal to be LGBT and life for queer people can be like a prison. With this song we are giving voice to a community in desperate need to be set free.”

Kowa Tigs said: “One day the chains will be broken and freedom will be gained.” 

All proceeds from the single and album go towards Rainbow Riots' work empowering the Ugandan LGBT community.

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