Win a free Be Somebody-cap at club Mums Mums!

Saturday February 1:st it's the launch of House of Wallenberg + Karl Alley's "Be Somebody"-collection with a special catwalk show! The launch takes place at Petter Wallenberg's club night Mums Mums at Marie Laveau in Stockholm, with a special catwalk show featuring the legendary vogue dancer Aviance Milan (NYC). Want to win a free "Be Somebody"-cap? Come and catwalk!

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House of Wallenberg + Naughty Russia

House of Wallenberg has teamed up with art project "Naughty Russia" to create a special edition stereogram print that will help support the LGBT-community in Russia. A stereogram is a pattern that when you first look at it appears to be 2-D, but when you focus beyond the actual picture, a hidden 3-D image emerges.

These stereograms feature images of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, styled as House of Wallenberg's cover of the album "Legends", But if you look hard enough you will see a 3-D image of either a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender-couple making sweet love. 

Putin would be furious - because we literally stick gay love in his face!

All proceeds go to Russian LGBT Network.

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Perez Hilton releases House of Wallenberg's single

The news about House of Wallenberg's new single "Say It Aint So", which features Victoria Wilson James from Soul II Soul, being released by Hollywood superblogger Perez Hilton on his compilation "Pop Up #3" is all over the Swedish press today, with the biggest newspaper DN writing about it here:

Swedish TV's site PSL:

And Metro doing a feature on it: