House of Wallenberg is critically acclaimed Swedish artist, author, producer, director and activist Petter Wallenberg

In the last few years he has been responsible for a plethora of forward thinking electronic music, visual and performing arts. He directs music videos and documentaries and produces and hosts seminars, workshops and events that take place at venues such as Kulturhuset, Stockholm Museum of Modern Art and Stockholm Public Library

In 2017 Wallenberg made som serious waves around the international media with the release of ‘Rainbow Riots’ - an album of music featuring queer voices from Uganda, Malawi, South Africa and Jamaica - some of the most dangerous countries in the world for LGBTQ people. The album, which was composed and produced by Wallenberg, features a fusion of afrobeat, electro, soul, pop, orchestral, rap, dancehall, gospel and spoken word. 

A great part of the project was conceived while Wallenberg was working with the LGBTQ community in Uganda. During Uganda Pride in August 2016, Wallenberg and his collaborators were held hostage in the violent and shocking armed police raid of the festivities. The incident not only drove the project on, but bearing witness to the atrocities inspired him to create a charity of the same name: Rainbow Riots is a global charity working for LGBTQ equality and rights. All proceeds from the sales of the album go towards the charity’s work towards ending discrimination against LGBTQ people around the world.

Since the announcement of the album, media organisations from around the world have been reporting its release, and a whole chapter has been named after it in the book Breaking down the walls of heartache - how music came out, by British journalist Martin Aston. Remarkably Rainbow Riots was also featured in a news story from the Jamaican Observer and coverage in Indonesia. Jamaica and Indonesia are famously two of the most homophobic nations in the world. The reporting of Rainbow Riots via this medium is testament to the political message behind the music. UK magazine Dazed called it ”the zenith of international queer activism” and British broadcaster BBC deemed it ”the ultimate protest” and concluded: ”This is advocacy”

In 2016, under his stage name House of Wallenberg, he released the album ‘My House is Your House’. The record challenged today’s testosterone-fuled, white-washed stadium EDM, taking house music back to its original sound: queer, black and vocal-driven. The single ”I Believe” features legendary house pioneer Adeva and reached #22 at Music Week Club Chart

Also appearing on the album is the hit single ‘Love Yourself’, which Wallenberg created as the signature theme of the 2013 StopHIV campaign Love Yourself Test Yourself which aimed  to encourage testing for HIV. The single was championed by US superblogger Perez Hilton and the campaign went on to win of the world’s most recognizable international advertising awards, Clio Awards. Above all - the single and campaign actually resulted in a renewed increase in HIV-testing!

The same year he released his critically acclaimed debut album ‘Legends’ where he collaborated with his favourite female singers of all time, including Swedish rap legends Neneh Cherry and Leila K, Ari Up of legendary punk band The SlitsJwl B of Florida rappers Yo MajestyOctavia St Laurent from legendary vogue documentary Paris is burningVictoria Wilson James from Soul II Soul and Nicolette of Massive Attack fame. 

‘Legends’ received rave reviews, with Swedish music magazine Sonic rating it 9 out of 10 and the country's biggest newspaper Aftonbladet calling it "the mightiest guestlist in Swedish pop history."

Wallenberg is also an acclaimed author with two published books under his belt; Historien om Leila K (2013) and Bögjävlar (2007). 

In 2017 he received the Stockholms Kulturstipendium award for his contribution to the city of Stockholm’s cultural and musical landscape.